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Adriana Torres

About me




"When you do what you love, time and tiredness is never an option."

We thrive on being unique. Combining traditional tastes with Latin American flavours. We use grandma's recipes and baking techniques on a variety of desserts and cakes.


We are committed to taking care of every single detail of our product, given the best quality and taste on our desserts. 


Where our priority and mission is seeking to create a balance of a good healthy dessert, fresh, and with natural flavours, keeping the join and deliciousness but with real ingredients and the right quantity for the equilibrium sweet taste. 


Working honestly and building trust in our products, for the sustainability of a unique flavour for all.


Always working to grow our options and make Sweet Meringue UK even better, to provide our desserts to more families;

And our customers can enjoy it in every moment with their friends and families, and be part of their happiness.


Bringing with it, Well-being, Honesty, Quality, Creation, Passion, Responsibility and Environmental Commitment.

Sweet Meringue UK is a family business, founded by Adriana Torres, a full-time mum and business administrator. Her family and friends helped her realise that she was good at doing party decorations and eventually she realised baking was her passion too and decided to transform her hobby into a real business.

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