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Victoria Sponge

Cake is base with Vanilla sponge cake, filling with homemade strawberry jam and decorated with a light strawberry cheese cream and fresh fruits.


They are perfect for sharing a small reunion, birthday or just for the family Sunday day. Always well-displayed for a special event.


Choose your size, decoration style for your event and if you which to change to Gluten Free or regular flour.


Naked Cake Design: is designed as layer cakes that proudly tout thick stripes of the filling. Without the typical outer coat, the interior of the cake is completely exposed.


Semi Naked Design: is a naked cake, but with a buttercream or ganache covering on the outside of the cake. You can choose to have a thin coating of buttercream, or a thicker coating, and even some texture, like horizontal lines or piping.


Cake available for Vegan, find at Organic Collections

Single 6" cake, serves 12 people.

Single 8" cake, serves 20 people.

Single 10" cake, served 28 people. 

Victoria Sponge

PriceFrom £30.00

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